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  1. A day like today deserves a hot soup size cup (one of my younger sisters gave it to me a good while back when I lived in another place) with a Campbell soup cartoon decal on front and back side, depending if you are Righty or Lefty. There were two, but now there is only one, and I hope the other one is helping to create some scenery with other landfill particles. The gravity, but, I really am not too crazy about this piece, except that my young sister may stop by with younger kids and see how well I take care of stuff. It works in the microwave, but steaming oolong tea is the best method of doing this, in an old style coffee pot with the glass thing on top. You get one, okay, but just remember to rinse, but do not wash out the coffee or the tea which will settle into a new home within the walls of this coffee pot. Then, you slice a lemon in two halves, squeeze both juices into the cup, and about two or three or four tablespoons of honey into a cup where you will pour the hot oolong tea. And thats it, there you have it, but don’t go home yet there is more.

    A trumpet player and a band leader; I thought I was talented (hyuk). Seriously, Mr. Brian, correct? Check it out, I heard “If you could see me now, Deed I do, A night in Tunisia, Ruby my dear, and Bensha swing so far during our school’s jazz orchestra rehearsals. The name Bill Ferguson? also came up, but I did not ask who or why from the leader or from the band. In time, but oh yeah, I finally figured out why a song will wake you up in the beginning, and then carry like a taxi throughout the rest of a song. The band leader at school said, “The first note must speak to the back of the wall behind me, and the song will even itself out lower afterwards.

    Let’s remember, a list of things to do, that cannot be interrupted in order of importance was a haircut, and oh yeah send a hearty thank you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Brian ?, see that I already forgot, but its good to know who is responsible for the brass and helping to maintain the tempo, etc. I will also watch your wedding, and then it will be time to recharge for tomorrow. Spring Break starts on Monday, but my vacation starts as soon as I review, and read, and catch up on homework by the end of the week.

    Joe, this page is about their wedding, not a place to practice your typing without a written page. Take care, Joe Zamora Chicago, Illinois

    Posted by Jose Zamora | March 15, 2013, 10:16 pm
  2. Ladies and Gents; It was a grand occasion, and the only thing the announcer failed to say was, “I say there, welcome to Mr Brian and Ms Angie’s wedding, but a fine job was done just as well. A splendid time was had by all, and in the process of listening in; I forgot what I was doing, and decided to make some tea instead with a double half of lemon and three times the usual amount of honey stirred into a cup of Oolong Chinese tea. Twas a quite a tad of sipping tea that only lacked one rash of sarsparella with a selfish sprinkle of sassafras. Not at all the same as one young lady’s loving cup, she was Ottawa, perhaps a distant cousin tribe of your Mohawk tribes in New York, but that’s another episode of “Joe’s Adventures” but my little Lia would have wanted me to share this with you. One cup hot water, as much honey as you dare, powered teaspoon of sassafrass, and another one of powdered nutmeg. Stir it up, sing a song, or chant a poem (I still say that chick was reciting some old Indian chick love potion) anyway now you strain the drinkable portion through a screen metal scooper, and get ready to become one with each other in harmony, rhythm, and all that other land of enchantment stuff.

    Okay, yeah, that was a beautiful broadcast, and I am waiting for the right moment to close my eyes, raise my legs against a wall, and listen to it once more. Would I be rude to say I would like to say more, but a smile, and a happy feeling says it best.

    Your broadcast was like being there, and even the ceremony, the Ave Maria song, the prayer, and the crossing of one’s self meant stop what you are doing like in a church. You all take care now, thanks once again, Bless all, Dio e con voi.

    Posted by Joe Zamora | March 18, 2013, 10:01 pm

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