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Tune in to Angie talking up Burlesque-a-pades on New York Public Radio!

You’ve seen on her onstage! You’ve heard her host her own radio podcast! Now listen to Angie’s turn on public radio!

As you’ll hear from the clip, the Burlesque-a-pades season is upon us, full of holiday cheer and lots of satin.

Here’s a link to the full tour schedule for this year’s show: THE CHRISTMAS SHIMMY



edition 13: Flashdance, the Musical!

Flashdance-banner[audio https://pontanipages.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/flashdance2.mp3]

Before Williamsburg brought back leg warmers, before the L Word brought back Jennifer Beals, long before Showgirls, The Company, Black Swan and all the rest, there was Flashdance, a 1983 hit film about a girl and her dream. Specifically,  her dream to get out the coal mines and bikini bars of her every day and make it as a proper dancer on her own terms. The story was originally envisioned by its creators as a stage play but Hollywood intervened and the rest is cinematic history. Now that story comes full circle with Flashdance the Musical, which is currently on tour in the U.S. with an anticipated Broadway premiere coming in 2014.

In this edition of the Pontani Pages, hostess Angie speaks with Jillian Mueller, who is currently playing Alex, the dancer in the dark at the center of this tale. Jillian is a fellow native New Jerseyan, and still at a tender age, she’s already a veteran of numerous Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Listen in on the conversation and feel the feelin’!

Eli Miller: The Seltzer Man Cometh (Soundcloud version)

How about a little bubbly? Not that fancy, frenchy kind that gives you a headache. Good old New York style seltzer (or club soda, if you prefer). Back in the day, folks round here used to have the stuff delivered to their house right behind the milk man. But where people have forsaken fresh milk for the store bought stuff, they’ve also left behind the sensation of seltzer like it oughtta be: so effervescent the bubbles burn your throat. Now that’s seltzer!

A lucky few, including our own effervescent hostess, Angie Pontani, still get their seltzer delivered fresh in the antique glass bottles that can only contain such carbonated density. Find out what gives in the world of fizz when legendary seltzer deliveryman (one of the very last of his kind) Eli Miller drops by the Pontani Pages to spill the goods.

Having trouble with the  audio player? Go directly to Soundcloud for all of Angie’s episodes.

Hot off the presses with “Hot Cripple” aka, Hogan Gorman (Soundcloud version)

Actress and former fashion model Hogan Gorman became an expert on the fractured health care system the hard way: she got hit by a car while without health insurance. She also learned more than she ever meant to about food stamps, legal aid and spinal injuries. She learned so much, in fact, that she wrote and starred in an award-winning one-woman show called “Hot Cripple” that has now been expanded into a fantastic book of the same name. The funny and charming Ms. Gorman visited the Pontani Pages last week where she and Angie talked about such hot topics as health care reform, sexy physical therapy and fashion tips for the destitute.

the Don Spiro Collector’s Edition

The Pontani Pages podcast is particularly pleased to present to you people a conversation between Angie and our deal pal, Don Spiro. Don is a first rate photographer, specializing in burlesque, portraiture and film stills. He also puts together a very special club night in New York called Wit’s End, celebrating the jazz age on the last Saturday of every month.

Don talks with Angie about all this, and about his late beloved, Diane Naegel. Diane was one-of-a-kind, and when she passed away in October 2011 after battling breast cancer, she left behind a much loved community that she herself had helped foster. Part of that community is celebrated in the bi-annual magazine she founded and which Don has continued to publish in her honor. Zelda magazine celebrates what Diane called, “the Vintage Nouveau,” and its pages are rife with stories from early Hollywood, interior decorating advice and music reviews of bands continuing the hot jazz tradition. As Don says, “I always thought I knew quite a bit about things from the past but I would talk about something from back in the day and she would know more about it than I did. She really knew her stuff.”

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“Battle for Brooklyn” by Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky

Murray Hill: It Gets Better

as referenced in Angie’s interview with Mr. Showbiz himself.

episode one: Valentines

Happy Valentines Day! We are pleased as spiked punch to present the inaugural installment of this exciting new audio adventure. The Pontani Pages kicks off with a whopper of an episode. First off, we’ve got Suki Hawley, co-director of Battle for Brooklyn. You can click here for a preview of this award-winning film about Brooklyn’s controversial Atlantic Yards development project. Angie also speaks with clothing designer and couturier Garo Sparo about his Sundance Channel reality show, “Unleashed by Garo,” and his simple yet effective philosophy of “put yourself together.” And finally, Mr. Showbiz himself, Murray Hill drops by to offer Angie an exclusive look behind the moustache. Please give a listen, share promiscuously and let us know what you think. New episodes to come on a monthly basis! (RSS feed in the works.) Enjoy!

(And if you don’t see the audio player above, click HERE to find the podcast on Soundcloud where you can also download the podcast.)

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