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edition 11: Lola Star is Keeping Coney Colorful

[audio https://pontanipages.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/lola-star.mp3]

Lola Star (photo by Jason Sferlazza)

In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and just because it’s summer time, the Pontani Pages is going to Coney Island to meet up with our dear friend Lola Star. You may know Lola as the designer of your favorite tee shirt that your cousin bought you on the boardwalk one year, but there is so much more to this budding businesswoman than just trendsetting graphics. Take a listen to our conversation and then get yourself on a D, F, N or Q train to the end of the line. There may be only one Coney Island in the universe but there are now two Lola Stars and they’re here to stay.


Lola Star Souvenir Boutique and online store

The Angie Pontani Shop featuring select items designed by Lola Star

Coney Island Fun Guide

Save Coney Island YouTube video referenced in the podcast

Music in this edition:

“Bugler’s Dream” (Olympic Anthem) by Leo Arnaud

“I_I_I” by Discount Fireworks

“Real Summer” by Future Bible Heroes

Lola Star Surf Boutique

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