edition 10: Mark Mori Reveals Bettie Page!

[audio https://pontanipages.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/mark-mori.mp3]

For our tenth edition, the Pontani Pages podcast is thrilled to bring you a true tale of lust, tragic beauty, scandal, and madness. Hostess Angie Pontani speaks with the director of Bettie Page Reveals All! — a new documentary about, and narrated by, the late, great, pin-up sensation. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mark Mori first met Bettie Page in 1996, after being introduced by their mutual entertainment lawyer. Bettie had vanished from the spotlight in the late ’50s, at the height of her success as a model, muse and scapegoat for all of society’s ills. But when a resurgence of appreciation sprang up in the ’90s and a spate of presumptive biographers flubbed her story, the brunette bombshell with the black bangs decided it was time to set the record straight. Although she doesn’t appear in the film –wishing her fans remember her for the iconic images that still smoulder after all these years– Bettie’s aged Southern twang recounts a complicated life, both within and behind the gloss.

an authorized documentary film by Mark Mori

Check out Angie’s exclusive interview with Mark Mori as he talks about what it was like to lunch with Bettie and just how far her influence has spread in the decades since she was dubbed, “the dark angel.”

Play the podcast above or click HERE to download.



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