edition 8: Olek blows up

[audio https://pontanipages.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/olek-audio.mp3]

It’s a Lower East Side standoff when a crochet art-star and the crafty burlesquer come together. Check out this special video edition of the Pontani Pages wherein Angie visits Olek upon completion of the artist’s latest spectacle, “Synthetic Nature.” Or, click above for the full interview in audio format.

Olek, by Shir Lieberman

Olek, the Polish-born Queen of Crochet, uses her needles to stitch entirely different dimensions and flip our every day reality on its ear. Olek made a name for herself “knit bombing” the New York City landscape, employing a camoflage pattern of bright pinks, purples, yellows and reds, sometimes with sly text worked into the mix. From someone’s locked up bike in the East Village to the Wall Street Bull and the giant Alamo cube at Astor Place, Olek’s work took multi-media installation out of the art gallery and dropped it with a prankster’s spirit into the public space. Her work continues to surprise and she’s received commissions from all over the world to cover other cities with her crochet creations. Most recently Olek’s been fascinated with the medium of long balloons, both inflated and otherwise, and her triple stitchin’ skills were on full display when Angie caught up with the artist on a recent afternoon at the Krause Gallery.

Listen to the podcast by clicking at top or… [audio: https://pontanipages.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/olek-audio.mp3%5D



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