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Eli Miller: The Seltzer Man Cometh (Soundcloud version)

How about a little bubbly? Not that fancy, frenchy kind that gives you a headache. Good old New York style seltzer (or club soda, if you prefer). Back in the day, folks round here used to have the stuff delivered to their house right behind the milk man. But where people have forsaken fresh milk for the store bought stuff, they’ve also left behind the sensation of seltzer like it oughtta be: so effervescent the bubbles burn your throat. Now that’s seltzer!

A lucky few, including our own effervescent hostess, Angie Pontani, still get their seltzer delivered fresh in the antique glass bottles that can only contain such carbonated density. Find out what gives in the world of fizz when legendary seltzer deliveryman (one of the very last of his kind) Eli Miller drops by the Pontani Pages to spill the goods.

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Hot off the presses with “Hot Cripple” aka, Hogan Gorman (Soundcloud version)

Actress and former fashion model Hogan Gorman became an expert on the fractured health care system the hard way: she got hit by a car while without health insurance. She also learned more than she ever meant to about food stamps, legal aid and spinal injuries. She learned so much, in fact, that she wrote and starred in an award-winning one-woman show called “Hot Cripple” that has now been expanded into a fantastic book of the same name. The funny and charming Ms. Gorman visited the Pontani Pages last week where she and Angie talked about such hot topics as health care reform, sexy physical therapy and fashion tips for the destitute.

Olek, the Polish Picasso of Crochet

It’s a Lower East Side standoff when a crochet art-star and the crafty burlesquer come together. Check out this special video edition of the Pontani Pages wherein Angie visits Olek upon completion of the artist’s latest spectacle, “Synthetic Nature.”

Olek, the Polish-born Queen of Crochet, uses her needles to stitch entirely different dimensions and flip our every day reality on its ear. Olek made a name for herself “knit bombing” the New York City landscape, employing a camoflage pattern of bright pinks, purples, yellows and reds, sometimes with sly text worked into the mix. From someone’s locked up bike in the East Village to the Wall Street Bull and the giant Alamo cube at Astor Place, Olek’s work took multi-media installation out of the art gallery and dropped it with a prankster’s spirit into the public space. Her work continues to surprise and she’s received commissions from all over the world to cover other cities with her crochet creations. Most recently Olek’s been fascinated with the medium of long balloons, both inflated and otherwise, and her triple stitchin’ skills were on full display when Angie caught up with the artist on a recent afternoon at the Krause Gallery.

And here’s the FULL INTERVIEW in AUDIO form:

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